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One of my readers pointed out a problem with commenting on this blog. The problem has been fixed now. If any of you have been trying to comment and were unable to do so, my apologies, but it should work fine now.

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I may write more about this soon (or not), but a few words are needed in response to this story in Ha’aretz today.

The Methodist Church is considering divesting from companies doing business that supports Israel’s occupation of the West Bank. Now, I do not support boycotts or divestment programs against Israel. But a boycott or divestment drive against Israel is NOT the same thing as one against the occupation.

Opposing the occupation is a moral choice, and one that anyone should feel free to make and act upon. The coverage of this issue, first with the Presbyterians, then with other churches and groups and now with the Methodists, has been nothing short of reprehensible. The constant labeling of divestment drives targeting the occupation only as being proposals to divest from Israel is dishonest, a bald-faced lie in fact. (more…)

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