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I have a few early thoughts on the Nakba Day violence which, to this point, has claimed eight lives. But I want to start with those of a colleague, Mya Guarnieri, a reporter for al-Jazeera and one of my teammates in building the upcoming Babylon Times site.

Mya was at Qalandia checkpoint, between Israeli-annexed East Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank. Her tweets illuminate some of what happened, and also some of

Protesters at Qalandia Checkpoint flee IDF fire. Photo by Joseph Dana

how it might be reported…

myaguarnieri myaguarnieri

i was in #qalandia, even before the protest began. the protesters were unarmed and approached singing and chanting and waving flags and…

myaguarnieri myaguarnieri

…they were met with tear gas. the army will try to tell you that the tear gas was a response to stone-throwing. but it was not..

myaguarnieri myaguarnieri

the tear gas was excessive. i retched alongside a CHILD, a little boy…

myaguarnieri myaguarnieri

later,i met amazing palestinian-amrcn women who embraced me as an americanisraeli.they wondered aloud why we can’t just build state together

myaguarnieri myaguarnieri

and then we ran from the live ammo (more…)


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