If a Two-State Solution Fails, What Next?

My latest report for Inter Press Service, this one is about a new poll commissioned by pollster Shibley Telhami. The poll examines American attitudes in the event of the failure of a two-state solution. The results may surprise many.

2 thoughts on “If a Two-State Solution Fails, What Next?

  1. I think what we’re seeing is two things. One is a traditional american preference for human rights and democracy, here, and in Israel/Palestine. This has not changed in years. The other is an apparent movement in Obama away from knee-jerk support toward Israel’s illegalities and toward action (by others than the US government, natch) by EU, by American citizens, by anyone other than the prisoners-of-AIPAC — action toward democracy in I/P.

    I cannot know that the recent small motion toward a bit of pressure on Israel (on its settlements and related businesses) in EU is either “consented to” or “requested” or “acquiesced in” by the government of the USA, but it sure looks like it. That way, Democrats can continue to receive AIPAC-directed political money and the job of rectifying I/P can be done by others. That is to say, it can be DONE. And I think Obama’s warnings are a sign either that it is happening with his blessing or happening beyond his control, but happening. My guess is that he’s delighted.

    And the obvious outcome is one state for I/P, initially a continuation of the present apartheid, but under continuing pressure, moving to democracy and non-discrimination.

  2. The only answer is rtetire the king in Jordan…rename it Palestine…move all Arabs unhappy living in or under Israel’s rule to the new Palestine…of course they must never arm themselves with offensive weapons…with aid from Israel and the world..integrated with Israel’s economy….there I solved the whole problem

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